Precision of Prompts

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Little Sneaky.”   Do I think prompts are useful or a little hokey?

The Daily Post is an article or letter from wordpress that helps or ‘prompts’ one in writing a blog about a particular subject. So I am using that to facilitate my writing subjects. This helps me hone my edge a little bit. That is a good reason why to use them and for the sake of variety. I have only used one that I can think of. The blurb I would write for the book that I wrote. I think prompts are useful but just a lot of the particular prompts are hokey.  Like where would I go if I could go in a tunnel to anywhere. I would probably go directly to Marisa Tomei so I could osculate her. Now, now that just means to kiss. Just joking Marisa. Though I have OCD I am not obsessed with you; I just think you one of the most beautiful women in the world even though you are probably about 40 or so now. Why am I talking to Marisa Tomei? I loved her in Untamed Heart that was a great little movie. Do I actually feel I have the power of blog to reach someone out there? Well, not Marisa Tomei.


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