I have begun to be paranoid again. It has really been awhile since I have seriously been paranoid. Perhaps even some years. I am not sure how to talk about it. It is just a feeling that forces are gathering against me. Right now I am having some feelings that maybe Barack Obama is about to persecute Christians and that God is also against me even though I feel I am a Christian sometimes. So it is coming from the government which Quadrant is a part of and it is coming from spiritual forces bad and good.  In some ways I still trust all involved with snake strikes occasionally from the undercurrents  of my heart that sting me from my sinful nature and the pangs and arrows of conscience. It will probably get so I am not habile to talk about it because it is too close to me.

Things have been going pretty good for me until I got negative feedback for my blogs. So I am stopping my catwhispering blog. The negativity seems to be  spilling over into my emotional state and creating noxious fumes and chemicals that aren’t allowing me to breathe. My own bitterness is a part of it I guess. At least the triggering process is somehow involved.

I receive religious persecution from religion from Islam and from Christianity, even though I am ostensibly at least a Christian. I feel negative vibes from some Christian entities because they feel they need to test my spirit which is like testing a rebellious student who resists filling in the test right. Some people think they can tell about you just by looking at you, because they supposedly have a discerning spirit. I question whether that is possible. I realize there is a possible tautology or something not right about my argument. I am basically saying I am having vibes about people who have bad vibes. I am not excluding anyone on the basis of dogmatism but am merely saying please don’t exclude me because you have bad feelings about me.


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