I have in a way secluded myself from the general society though in other ways I have always included as friends those who do not judge me harshly in some way. I can be friends with anyone if they are not bitter to the core like a few of my neighbors are. I stay away from drama queens if I can’t get on their good side. I can perhaps be too forgiving if that is possible. I always try to include in my circle of friends people with differing views. Though foul language really bothers me when I hear it, I try to put up with it. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle I choose but I try to tolerate people who are different than me not that I participate in such behavior. I think such behavior is harmful and for that reason I especially discourage those who would become gay or lesbian. If you look at obituaries of such they do not generally live past 40 or 50. There are of course some percentage that live beyond that I am sure some would say. I have friends who are black and brown and tan and yellow. I don’t discriminate. Some of my neighbors are kind of judgmental and for one reason or another think me queer or racist or crazy. I just have to put my hands up in the air and say to what purpose do you categorize me in this way. I think they see things that are ugly within and try to hide. I have done that before too. Of course the Bible does set its foot down about some people.


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