Visitation to Precious’ House

Today for the third time in about a week I visited my friend Precious. She is not my girlfriend. We are just friends. I don’t have a lot to do and she is a pleasant person so. I watched her make and then I ate chicken alfredo.  We watched what seemed to be a visually impressive but kind of silly Pacific Rim.  I loaned her Splendor in the Grass and The Sons of Katie Elder both of them she having said she liked and I happened to have. She seems to be a little lonely like I am. I figured she would complain throughout but she did not thank God. Thank you for not jumping me Precious. You  could have and I would have deserved it. You proved you have some discretion.

Growing up except for 2 or 3 different times I never went over to a friend’s house to visit because I didn’t have many friends. Others were always over at their best bud’s house. So to have someone to visit on a semi-continual basis is kind of special for me. I can now actually think of 8 different times so maybe it is more telling that I use hyperbole. I guess I am poised to feel sorry for myself. But it is true that except for family and at a later date, church outings,  I never went to a friends house more than once. For whatever reason I could not keep a friend. I held that against God for a long time. Perhaps there are even glints of unforgiveness now surfacing like a shark in this very paragraph. Does one come to forgive God when God  does no wrong? Probably not.

Visitation to Precious’ House

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