Went to Maria’s with my Dad

My Dad and I went to Maria’s for some Mexican food. Dad choked on his food not because it was bad but because he had a problem with his throat after he almost died 6 months back. It lasted a few seconds but it seemed like forever to me because I was worried. I love my Dad. He is the greatest man besides Jesus Christ I have ever known. I cried a little on the phone a little later with him because I feel I have fallen so far from God. There are some things I still believe. The word is the greatest thing there is because it is Jesus Christ. The Bible. King James preferably. I know what makes my Dad great and it is God. If Mom was still alive I would say the same things about her. How such perfect people came together I do not know. Now I know they are not perfect but they strive after Christ’s Be ye perfect.

Anyway,  a little shout out to Maria’s the best Mex in town. California burrito is the bomb.

Went to Maria’s with my Dad

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