Moody Midnight

I am sitting in my armchair at my sliding glass door here at 2 now actually. I accidentally got rid of my last draft because of this damn wandering cursor.  My cat Lola is lurking somewhere around here. It is windy. Probably blowing a storm up. I feel anxious tonight. I am about out of food as per usual so I am kind of hungry. That would seem to be the pattern of the future if the proverbs are right about lazy people running out of food. I try to keep myself headed toward some sort of job especially on the internet regarding writing or something but I doubt my possibilities. Would this be called existential angst? Or maybe I am in search of something to write.

I didn’t do much today just slept. I could have used a ride to the bank but had no resources so. There will be even less likely agencies through which I can get around this weekend but the bank is closed anyway. I have actually been walking around town a mile or two recently but most places I would spend money are out of reach even if I had it. (I am not looking for money or rides from people on the internet I just am reporting my day.) I am not really complaining. I just am illustrating details of my life.

I watched some of a movie called Twisted  which would not normally attract me as a title. But it had Ashley Judd in it and that was promising. I think she is very pretty and a convincing actress. It also stars the ubiquitous Samuel L. Jackson and Andy Garcia. I will let you know what I think of it when I finish it.

Moody Midnight

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