Loretta and Fury

Loretta is my case manager. She is very competent and caring.  I have had her as my case manager at Quadrant for a year or less. She helps me out with my life and takes me to my appointments and gets me out into the community which I normally would not do or be able to do. Having had case managers for some 10 years or less I have grown in my ability to share my thoughts with others. I have learned that it is okay to make mistakes (unless you fall for the case manager which is not forgivable).  I have only fallen for one maybe two attendant cares anyway which are not case managers. (Women of the appropriate sort are not available to me).

Anyway, Fury is my peer support. She is not furious. Only nominally. Fury is fun and practical I think. She is good at her job though vulnerable in her feelings from her illness at times I feel. She has short black hair and has kind of nerdy in a good way glasses. She doesn’t laugh as much as she used to because I must not be as funny or facetious as I once was.

Quadrant Mental Health which is a pseudonym does a great job of helping out my peers and myself.  I have been very fortunate that I came under their range of care. Thank You Quadrant.

Loretta and Fury

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