About Me

Here it is the middle of the night and I am supposed to be talking about me and what I want for this site. (That rhymes). I just recently turned 40 years old and have been suffering from a variety of mental problems for 20 years or so now.  Before that I was a loner and extremely shy. I have a strange regard for movies since I started watching them about the time I started turning obsessive and schizophrenic.  Perhaps one is the cause of the other though I cannot understand which is etiology of which. So this site will be partly about my life with movies and my life with literature. I have always been kind of pretentious in what I read at least used to be because I knew my Dad was not to into classical literature although he did have a number of classics in his collection when I was growing up.  I tend to be good at what my Dad is bad at which may just seem to be true. I know I never had a knack for cars like my Dad. I am not saying my dad is a terrible guy not at all. He reminds me of Moses in his stern authoritarian stance toward the Bible. Perhaps those are too strong of words. Anyway he is like a shadow in my brain telling me I am guilty and he is right!!! He is coming to see me tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to seeing him because I love him.

Anyway, movies, life and a little bit of madness.

About Me

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