Memory aids

I have found that by looking perpetually through the same books and being attentive toward certain kinds of knowledge my memory grows for certain kinds of things like movie dates and actors and directors because I spend attention on that kind of thing.  I find that I am able to remember more because I am constantly refreshing my mind with that kind of material.  You will lose what you don’t use.  I find also that because I have written numerous reviews on movies I can remember things like dates and actors etc. because I write them down.  What you write down you are more likely to remember obviously as evidenced by high school and college to some degree at least for the short term. There are books about intention which I have not read which may be about the kind of intention I am talking about. When you are intensive about something you are more likely to relive it.  Kind of like negative experiences for me I have flashbacks of intense experiences since I developed what may be schizophrenia. I don’t see why we can’t have flashbacks of positive experiences when we experience positive information.

We will remember what we love. I love Bible prophecy for instance and can recall the most remote details about what I have read about it but when it comes to explaining real spiritual realities I show a deficit in memory and in character. This is a great fault I am totally aware of but I am getting off-topic.

There is even kind of an intuition I have about books especially since I have been practicing Win Wenger’s  image streaming which you can easily google. It makes one aware of one’s subtler faculties and books seem to open their secrets by merely looking at the cover and trying to discern where one thinks it goes.  I am unaware how Christians look at this image streaming so I may be in for a surprise when my Christian friends tell me not to practice it.  I don’t know if they will or not. I will report that back to you if I get any feedback. I will have more memory aids in the future.

Memory aids

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