Busy day

I had a busy day today going to my psychiatrist Wild and the consumer org. I also went to Precious’  house to watch a couple of comedies.  Precious is a straight-forward person the kind you don’t want to cross and kind of fear because I like her as my friend and don’t want to anger her. She is sweet or I wouldn’t call her precious but she can also be kind of stern. But she seems to be growing as a person in some ways so I can kind of forgive her for that.

I was telling Perfect that she was like Helen of the white arms like in the Iliad. I don’t think she quite knew what to make of that. She is a pure Christian ostensibly Mormon though.  Like Precious and Lovely the van driver she is another champion. She has had much with which to struggle but is coming out on top. She works somewhere where I hope she can be appreciated and recognized for what she has to offer. If not I hope she goes somewhere where she can be recognized for her talents.  She can set up a pool rack or whatever you call it very fast. She does it automatically where I have to think about it. I think she may have an untapped genius of some kind that is not yet recognized. Some people might think she is not mentally game but I think she is ready to show the world that you can rise above mental difficulty.  She is always working very hard and I hope the best for her.

Busy day

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