Woden’s Day

Mighty Odin had one eye I believe being a seer of some sort according to the myth. There were also some sort of birds ravens perhaps that perched on his shoulders. This was a Norse myth. Hence we sort of get Woden or Wednesday from Odin. The whole rest of the  week is like that too if you want to look it up. (Thor, Freya, Tyr etc.)

It has probably been twenty years since I woke up feeling refreshed from sleep. Not to say I don’t get plenty of sleep. Sometimes I sleep twenty out of twenty-four hours  though that is a rarity.  I guess there really is no rest for the wicked. I will try to not sent to many mind gremlins into your brain or critters or any other pseudodemonic entities or real ones for that matter.  I probably think to much about that kind of thing. But when you look around you and you see angels and demons you would believe what they had to say too.  Just between you and me I always have my fingers crossed when I do what they say.

Woden’s Day

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