Hello world!

I have found that I like to write endlessly to former friends in letters and texts and emails sometimes to my detriment.  This has to do with my obsessive -compulsive disorder but I have found new expression indeed new life on the internet. I write movie reviews elsewhere and really enjoy it. So I thought I would write a personal weblog detailing these ever-passing days on earth a la Dee. I like to be creative and  echo out of this febrile brain my plague of madness insanity oozing everywhere to semi-quote Brad Pitt from 12 Monkeys. By talking this way I do not want to justify or add impetus to the stigma suffered by those with mental illness. I love my peers and can only say I feel I suffer as one who does not have the same plagues as they do because mine is caused by God.  And perhaps it is not appropriate to call myself a wilderness voice because I am not John the Baptist. But if one can suspend judgement for a time and perhaps understand the wilderness as a metaphor for this hectic life on earth and psychosis and obsession and delusions and waywardness of spirituality. Then perhaps you won’t mind if I at least provisionally call myself a voice and perhaps it would be more apropos to call me one crying at the tombs cutting myself with stones of gall and bitterness.

Of course that man was healed by Christ and was found fully clothed with his wits about him. I find occasional healing from Jesus Christ mentally but then find myself naked again and tearing myself with stones. Of course there is a clear difference in one passage of scripture between demon possession and mental illness though I am at pains to relocate it. Perhaps someone knows where to look out there.

Anyway, I hope to write about a number of things on my blog. Movies, books, my so called life in generalities. I have probably done enough pontificating for a number of pontiffs. Ta.

Hello world!

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