A day at the consumer run organization

First at 10 I went to get my haldol dekanoate shot for psychosis with my case manager Loretta.  I am not sure why we always must wait when we go to empty waiting rooms but we do.  My 10 oclock meeting therefore I was late to. It was a mini-conference on board  doings. It looks like pretty soon I will be a president of the local consumer org. which I really see as a way of service to my peers who I love dearly.  Precious the director was there: a sometimes slightly stern seeming but also alternately fun-loving lady with a little dog named Tremendous. She is an INTJ like I am from the Myers-Briggs Indicator. A Rational I know though perhaps not exactly that INTJ.  Lovely is the van driver. She is a true champion. She has been through a lot but she is still in there and like all  of us at the consumer org. is still plugging away. She apparently has to leave the consumer org. for murky reasons but we will miss her more than any other loss I can think of . She and I and another have a pact with each other that we will depend on each other. I kind of messed things up but I still have hope for our little inner circle which I wish to see branch out. Lovely loves Tremendous the little dog. She dotes over him and takes him for walks. At first I didn’t like him too much because I wanted to be taken for a walk too. Just kidding of course. I will tell you about the rest of the team later.

The meeting was informative and interesting though not as constructive as I would like to have seen it be. You see there are two people who have grudges against each other and it seems  to be an intractable thing. I kind of have myself in the middle of it but don’t know how to reconcile the two. Anyway, ta.

A day at the consumer run organization

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