2 A.M.

My cat is watching out the window with curiousness. I saw a coyote slipping across the lane a couple of minutes ago. Her name is Lola the cat not the coyote. His name is probably Freddy though this is not Elm Street. There is an Elm Street in town however. He must have got lost. I hope this is not a dream. Anyway, I guess I will let these creepy feelings subside if I can. I think the vet called my cat a tabby. She is real pretty and owns the house if not the neighborhood. She has a lot of  personality. She is a long haired cat. She was born two years passed.

I live in kind of a shabby neighborhood here where the flood affected lives in 2009.  These houses or duplexes I live in are fairly nice having taken the place of water-logged homes one supposes. I have a friend we will call Perfect who had a home lost to the flood not far from here she was saying. That flood puts me in mind of Noah’s flood but  I don’t want to go off on another tangent about the end of days which must bore or terrify those who have to put up with my dreary paranoia.

Yesterday morning I went to the chiropractor after eating a Subway black forest ham and turkey sandwich with mayo. It was good and I gobbled it down while my case manager drove me. We were cutting up and I was in an unusually good mood.  My back was in need of a treatment however. Ever since I went heal up at a haunted house (which is a whole other story) I have had back problems

A storm is coming up and the wind is really picking up. I hope it is not any more hail. Well, the light are about to go out so I better end this and shut my sliding glass door. Sorry Lola.

2 A.M.

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